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Brooks Stairlifts is one of the biggest and trusted stairlift manufacturers and providers in the United Kingdom. The organisation is known for its products and exceptional customer service. With free quotes and nearby surveys, Brooks Stairlifts is the best choice for everyone seeking out a reliable, cheap stair lift solution.

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Overview of Products

Brooks Stairlifts provides a range of straight stairlifts designed to satisfy the needs of each customer. All Brooks consecutive stairlifts are designed with a slimline layout, making them best for individuals who want a discreet and unobtrusive solution. Brooks stairlifts supports all its customers whenever they face problems. The stairlifts are powered through rechargeable batteries, that means they can work in the blackout. In addition they feature a numerical fault code display, making diagnosing and repairing any troubles easy. Brooks Stairlifts are suitable for many customers, with a weight ability of 20 stones (127kg) .

Ways to Contact

If you need to examine more about Brooks Stairlifts, you can get in touch with the company in numerous ways. You could name their toll-free number, 0800 834 730, or fill out a web form to request a free quote. The company also offers a free brochure, which can be dispatched to your address with or as a digital version of your email.

Free Brochure

Brooks Stairlift provides a free brochure, which includes every detail about the company and the products it offers. The brochure contains details regarding the different types of stairlifts they have and details about the company's warranty, installation, and aftercare services.

Free Survey

If you're thinking of having a stairlift, Brooks Stairlifts gives a free local survey that will help you determine the ideal solution as per your needs. During the survey, one of the employer's professional engineers will visit your home to analyse your staircase and choose the most suitable stairlift answer.

Free Quote

Brooks Stairlifts provides a free quote, which gives you an estimate of the fee of your stairlift. Give a call to the company's toll-free number or complete an online form to get a quote.


Brooks stairlifts installation is available the very next day for your straight stairlifts. The company's professional engineers will install your stairlift effectively and efficiently in no time making sure that it is working properly and safe to use.


All Brooks straight stairlifts include a 12-month guarantee from the set up date. The guarantee covers all replacement parts and labour prices of Brooks stairlifts repairs which were needed to ensure your stairlift needs to be repaired via mechanical or electric failure. The company also gives an extended warranty through its Golden Care Warranty Programme, which covers all parts and labour expenses for up to four years after the 12-month guarantee ends.


Brooks Stairlifts delivers its product all over the United Kingdom, making sure you receive your stairlift as soon as possible.


Brooks stairlifts price can be divided into various payment options which can suit your needs, which include upfront cost, deposit, and finance.

Extra Information

Our recommendation from Brooks Stairlifts is to get your stairlift serviced at least once a year from our skilled engineers so that your stairlift remains absolutely functioning and safe for use for decades to come.


Brooks Stairlifts is one of the most leading and trusted dealers of stairlifts in the United Kingdom, by providing the premium quality products and customer service to the customers. Brooks Stairlifts is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to get a reliable, affordable stairlift solution. Brooks stairlifts cost similar to other brands' stairlifts so that you can get reliable products at the same price. Additionally, it provides free quotes and neighbourhood surveys too. The company's goal is to provide satisfaction to customers in its 12-month warranty and the choice to buy an extension warranty of up to four years.

The guarantee covers all replacement parts and labour expenses in case of mechanical or electrical failure. Regular yearly servicing through “Brooks”' from completely trained engineers make sure that the stairlift is functioning properly and efficiently for many years to come. With its slimline layout, protection-free rechargeable batteries, numerical fault code display, and weight potential of 20 stones, Brooks Stairlifts are a first-rate choice for absolutely everyone wanting a stairlift answer. Brooks stairlifts reviews all the products before providing it to the customers.
Contact Brooks Stairlifts today for a free quote and local survey, and find out why they are one of the leading suppliers of stairlifts in the UK.

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