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Stairlifts are an essential mobility aid for people who have problems climbing up and down stairs. They offer a safe and relaxed alternative to navigating the steps and an answer to improve one's quality of life. Companion Stairlifts is one of the largest producers and installers of stairlifts in the United Kingdom. With a focus on providing a friendly and expert service, Companion Stairlifts is committed to presenting low-value solutions with contemporary safety requirements.

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Overview of Products

Companion Stairlifts offers a range of new and refurbished stairlifts from various manufacturers. The models available include the Companion 1100 straight Stairlift, Companion 1000 Straight Stairlift, Companion 4000 Curved Stairlift, and the Companion FreeCurve Curved Stairlift. All stairlifts are designed to meet modern British and European safety requirements, ensuring customers have peace of mind. The Companion 1100 straight Stairlift is the narrowest model of the straight slimline stairlift on the market. The Companion 1000 Straight Stairlift is a compact, neat, linear stairlift tune ideal for direct staircases. The Companion 4000 Curved Stairlift and the Companion FreeCurve Curved Stairlift are designed for curved staircases. 

Ways to Contact

Individuals who are interested in buying a Companion Stairlift can get in contact with the company at 0800 117 0153. The main office is in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and the organisation has a network of professional engineers and advisors all over the United Kingdom. 

Free Brochure

Companion Stairlifts provides free brochures to individuals interested in learning about the goods and services. The booklet contains detailed information about all available models of stairlifts and the benefits of purchasing a companion Stairlift.

Free Survey

Companion Stairlifts offers free neighbourhood surveys to assist individuals in determining the ideal type of stairlift per their needs. The survey allows assessing the staircase and picking out the most suitable answer.

Free Quote

People who want stairlifts can directly contact the company for a free quote, which will provide you with all the details. The details will include the cost of the stairlift, including installation and any extra services.


Companion Stairlifts provides expert installation services for all its products. The installation method is brief and efficient, and the company’s expert engineers ensure that the stairlift is established efficiently and securely.


All Companion Stairlifts come with a year warranty from the installation date. The warranty covers replacement parts and labour fees if the stairlift needs to be repaired because of mechanical or electric failure.


Companion Stairlifts provides delivery for all of its products. The delivery process is brief and efficient, and the company’s professional engineers ensure the stairlift is introduced and hooked up competently and securely.


Individuals could make payments for their companion Stairlift through various ways, including credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers. The corporation gives flexible payment options so customers can pay at their convenience. 

Extra Information

The associate Stairlifts are designed to be energy-green, with a monthly electricity usage of as little as 62p. Based on the expected average use and energy fee of 34p/kWh (Jan 2023).

Companion Stairlifts is a leading supplier of the latest and refurbished stairlifts within the United Kingdom, providing the best quality products and exceptional customer support with free quotes, neighbourhood surveys, and a dedication to consumer satisfaction. Companion Stairlifts is ideal for anyone looking for a reliable, low-priced stairlift solution.

Whether you want a straight or curved stairlift, Companion Stairlifts has several models to pick from, all of which have accomplished the latest British and European safety standards.

Additionally, with low power utilisation and cost-effective pricing, you can have peace of mind understanding that your Companion Stairlift is secure and cost-effective. To learn about Companion Stairlifts and their products, call them at 0800 117 0153 or contact their main office in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

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