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Dolphin Stairlifts is a trusted dealer of stairlifts inside the United Kingdom, providing customers with refurbished and new stairlifts at budget friendly prices. With a focus on providing customers pleasure and a dedication of providing excellent service, Dolphin Stairlifts is the perfect preference for everyone looking for a dependable and low-priced stairlift.

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Overview of Products

Dolphin Stairlifts provides a huge range of refurbished and new stairlifts from numerous brands. Whether you want a straight or curved stairlift, Dolphin Stairlifts has an answer to meet your needs. With a focus on providing excellence, all refurbished stairlifts are very well examined and come with a minimum of twelve months' warranty from installation.

Ways to Contact

Dolphin Stairlifts presents customers with various ways of approaches to get in contact. You can call the toll-free number 03302234622 to speak with a professional advisor or request a free quote online. Whether you opt to speak to a person in person, over the phone, or via email, Dolphin Stairlifts will make available the information you need.

Free Brochure

Dolphin Stairlifts offers a free brochure to all customers, sharing all of the information about their services and products. Whether you pick a printed physical version which will be sent to your private home or a digital form that may be sent to your email. Dolphin Stairlifts makes getting the information you want on hand.

Free Survey

Dolphin Stairlifts offers a free local survey to all clients, so that you can understand better options properly. In the course of the survey, a trained expert will go to your home, investigate your stairs, and offer an in detailed quote for the ideal stairlift for your mobility needs.

Free Quote

Dolphin Stairlifts provides customers a free quote so they can get a better information of the costs of the stairlift. Additionally, you can call the toll-free number or request a quote online, and a representative gets returned to you with all the information you want as well as Dolphin Stairlifts cost.

Installation: Dolphin Stairlifts provides you installation from experts so that your stairlift can be installed properly, safely and efficiently. Dolphin Stairlifts  installation done by a team of expert engineers throughout the United Kingdom, you can trust Dolphin Stairlifts to get their job done properly.


All refurbished stairlifts from Dolphin Stairlifts come with at least 1 year warranty which starts from the installation. This warranty covers any defects or malfunctions that may arise for the duration of everyday use.


Dolphin Stairlifts has rapid and reliable delivery services, which make sure that your stairlift is delivered within a time period and in perfect condition. They have expert engineers and advisors throughout the United Kingdom, because of that you can trust Dolphin Stairlifts to get your stairlifts installed efficiently. We at Dolphin Stairlifts review our products to ensure that its not damaged.


Dolphin Stairlifts offers flexible payment options so that you can pick the best option which suits your budget. Whether you prefer to pay upfront, make a deposit, or finance your buy, Dolphin Stairlifts makes it smooth to get the stairlift you want

Extra Information

Dolphin Stairlifts is devoted and dedicated for providing the best and extraordinary customer care support to the customer. With their expert engineers and advisors all over the United Kingdom they provide 24/7 aftercare. You can trust the Dolphin Stairlifts support to be there for you whenever you need them.


Dolphin Stairlifts is a dependent provider of stairlifts within the UK, providing customers a wide variety of refurbished and new stairlifts at budget friendly price. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a dedication to providing the best service, Dolphin Stairlifts price is devoted to ensuring every client gets the ideal stairlift solution.

Whether you are searching out a straight or curved stairlift, indoor or outdoor, Dolphin Stairlifts repairs your reconditioned stairlifts as per your requirements. With a team of professional engineers and advisors, you can consider that you will acquire a provider that exceeds your expectations. And with a free quote and free nearby survey, the purchase is not obligated.

So if you're seeking out a reliable and affordable stairlift answer, look no in addition than Dolphin Stairlifts.

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