Free Stairlifts in the UK: NHS and Grants & More

Can you get a free stairlifts in the UK ?

There are several options to get a free stair lift - but they all imply at least some work, namely paperwork and waiting time.

We'll review all the major options you can use to get a free stairlift.

Stair lift grants

If you are a pensioner in the UK and you need a stairlift for your home, you may be able to get one for free or at a reduced cost through several major funding sources.

Here are some of the options you can explore:

Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) that you can get working with your local council

DFG is a government grant that helps pay for home adaptations for people with disabilities.

Some of the things the grant can fund are:

  • Widening doors and installing ramps & rails
  • Improving access to rooms and facilities, such as with a stairlift or level access shower
  • Improving access to your garden
  • Building an extension, for example, a downstairs bedroom
  • Providing a heating system suitable for your needs
  • Adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use

As you can see, DFG covers the stairlifts, so you can try applying for the grant.

The grant amount depends on many factors, such as your household income, savings, and the work cost.

The maximum grant is £30,000 in England, £36,000 in Wales, and £25,000 in Northern Ireland.

To apply for a DFG, you need to contact your local council and ask for an assessment by an occupational therapist. They will visit your home and assess your needs and the suitability of the work. They will also advise you on the application process and the documents you must provide.

Grants from charities

Alternatively, you may be able to get free stairlift help from other sources, such as:

Independence at Home - This charity provides grants for disabled people who need essential home adaptations or equipment. Here’s how to apply.

A Home Improvement Agency (HIA) - a local organisation that helps older and disabled people to repair, improve, or adapt their homes. They also help you find schemes and cost-effective ways to fund your home improvements. You can find your HIA here if you'd like.

The Edward Gostling Foundation can grant home adaptations if you have a physical or mental disability and a low income.

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution can offer grants or free stairlifts to farming families across the UK.

Can you get a stair lift on the NHS?

The NHS does not directly provide or fund stair lifts, but they do take part in getting you a free lift. The DFG grant we’ve mentioned above is what they work with, so you would have to take that route.

The NHS will team up with local authorities to arrange a home assessment for you, and an occupational therapist will assess and confirm your needs for the equipment.

However, please don't expect the occupational therapist to tell you what kind of stairlift you need. That's the job of a stairlift engineer, who can visit your home and give you some advice on what stairlift will suit your home best.

As you can see the process is not as straightforward or streamlined as simply buying and installing a lift. With that said, consider going for faster and more convenient options, i.e.

Free Stairlift grant alternatives

Obviously, new stairlifts can cost a lot, but there are several cost-efficient options you can use - see our detailed guide on stairlift costs in 2023.

Check out the vast list of stairlift suppliers we currently work with - there are stairlifts of all types and configurations.

There are also dozens of companies selling, reconditioning, and repairing stairlifts near you so start by giving us a call - we are very likely to find a great stairlift deal for you!

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