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Handicare Stairlifts is one among the most important stairlift manufacturers within the United Kingdom. With a strong dedication of offering mobility solutions, Handicare gives a number of stairlifts designed to fulfil the needs of clients with mobility challenges. Handicare stairlifts reviews all the products before delivering it to your house. Whether you are seeking out a straight or curved stairlift, indoor or outside, Handicare has an ideal product for your desires.

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Overview of Products

Handicare offers a variety of new stairlifts, which includes the Handicare 1100 straight Stairlift and Handicare 1000 Straight Stairlift for 200kg.31.5st, Handicare Single Rail Curved Stairlift, Handicare dual Rail Curved Stairlift, Handicare 1000 outside Straight Stairlift, Handicare 4000 out of doors Curved Stairlift. Each model is designed to meet customers' specific needs, with functions consisting of electricity swivel seats, powered linked footrests, seat height adjustment, and key locks.



Ways to Contact

Handicare Stairlifts may be contacted through their toll-free number, 01384 912 352, or their 24/7 emergency number, 03700 118 282. They've offices in Kingswinford, West Midlands, and other locations globally, such as Italy, China, Deutschland, Belgique, Osterreich, France, Belgie, Schweiz, Espana, Nederland, and Canada.

Free Brochure

Handicare provides a free brochure which consists of details and information of the product range which include specified specifications, features, and pricing which can directly be sent to your address. A soft copy or a digital version of the brochure is also available and can be sent as per email address as per your needs.

Free Survey

Handicare provides free local surveys which help customers determine which stairlift will be ideal fit as per their needs and wishes. Throughout the survey, a Handicare representative will verify your stairs, talk about your mobility wishes, and provide a detailed quote.

Free Quote

Handicare provides free quotes to the customers who are interested so that they can get an idea of the cost of the stairlift. Handicare stairlifts  cost is relatively less than other providers. Additionally, you can request a brochure online via cell phone or through our website.


Handicare stairlifts installation is available the very next day to all types of stairlifts to your house for straight models. Their expert engineers and advisors are located throughout the UK, so you can have a peace of mind that you will acquire the best installation services.


Handicare offers 12 month warranty on all of their stairlift, with option to buy an extended warranty up to 5 years. This warranty will include annual servicing and prioritises attention in case you require any assistance with your stairlift.


Handicare makes sure that your new mobility solution gets delivered safely within it.


Handicare has various payment options such as upfront payment, deposit, and financing and they will even help you out so that you can get the best payment plan as per your needs.

Extra Information

Handicare is devoted to providing and supplying the best quality mobility solutions and they are proud of their products and services. Whether you want straight or curved stairlift, indoor or outdoor, Handicare have ideal stairlift to fulfil your needs. Additionally, Handicare stairlifts repairs all of its stairlift so that you can solve all your problems.


Handicare Stairlifts is a main and big supplier of innovative and dependable stairlifts and is devoted to supplying its customers with the best services and products.

With its huge and vast range of new and outdoor stairlifts, its international presence and its commitment of providing the customer the best and high quality products and services, Handicare Stairlifts is the ideal choice for an individual who is looking for an stairlift solution that meets his needs and desire. Handicare stairlifts supports you whether you are facing mechanic issues or software issues, we are here to help you out.

Whether you are searching out a straight or curved stairlift, indoor or outdoor, Handicare has a product which will suit you, and its crew of specialists are always on hand to provide you with the statistics and support you want to make an informed choice. Handicare stairlifts price is pocket friendly which help you get your desired mobility solution. So, in case you are searching out a dependable, efficient and price-effective stairlift solution, Handicare Solution is a one stop solution for you.

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