Curved Stair Lifts Overview: Picking the Right One for You

Curved stair lifts have long since marked their niche in the UK in promoting user mobility, convenience, and safety.

Curved stair lifts, as the name implies, are designed to glide along a track specifically tailored to a staircase's contours with bends or turns. Unlike their straight counterparts, these stairlifts need a rail that navigates corners and turns of a staircase.

The beauty of curved stair lifts is in their customizability. No two staircases are the same, and that's the foundational principle that applies to most curved stairlift models in the UK. Curved stairlifts can get bespoke, depending on your staircase shape.

These stairlifts are highly adaptable, allowing for superior comfort and convenience. We at Stairlift NearMe have helped thousands of UK residents get curved stairlifts for their homes, and here's what we suggest you pay attention to when picking your model:

1. Accurate tailoring to unique staircase curves

Each staircase is uniquely different. From narrow spirals to fanned or half-and-quarter landings, the variety is endless. That's why one-size-fits-all is a concept that only applies to curved stairlifts.

You can expect a stairlift that follows the contours of your staircase, making sure it fits so accurately that it almost feels like it was a part of the original staircase.

Unique staircase curves - Curved Stair Lifts

2. Comfort and safety

Here at Stairlift NearMe, we believe the cornerstone of any suitable stairlift lies in its comfort and safety features. Curved stair lifts are crafted with both ergonomic design and safety in mind. The seats are lush, the safety belts are sturdy, and the footrests are geared for ultimate usability. Here's what most of our models showcase:

  • Seats: Plush armchairs or padded seats that mould to your body.
  • Safety Belts: Industry-standard safety belts that offer ultimate security.
  • Footrests: Fully adjustable, providing ample foot space.

3. Advanced technology

Our custom curved stair lifts are built following the latest modern tech standards. Modern stairlifts are high-tech, from remote-control operability to 'smooth start' technology.

Advanced technology

Most curved stairlifts will boast features such as user-friendly control panels, rechargeable batteries, and even 'smart stop' functionality – bringing safety and convenience to your fingertips.

4. Aesthetically pleasing design

While function is undoubtedly crucial, we are firm believers in the importance of aesthetic appeal, too. Our curved stairlifts come in many colours and materials to match your home décor perfectly. Imagine stairlifts that don't just meet your mobility needs seamlessly but also complement your home's interior design.

It's clear, then, that customisation in curved stairlifts goes far beyond simply dealing with different staircase shapes. They involve intricate tailoring to personal comfort and safety needs, accommodating technological advancements, and remembering aesthetics. Feel free to give us a call today to get started with your curved stairlift search and installation.

Top Curved Stair lifts Models

Top Curved Stair lift Models

If you're looking for a comfortable, reliable, and practical solution for negotiating a staircase with curves or corners, take a look at some of the top curved stairlift models:

  • Handicare 2000: This popular model features a twin rail system for a smoother ride and comes with multiple upholstery options to blend with your decor.
  • Brooks 180: Known for its slim design and fold-away discreet features, this stairlift can fit seamlessly into your home.
  • Stannah Sadler: This is an innovative style of stairlift designed for people who have difficulty bending. It allows the user to sit in a semi-standing position.
  • Acorn 180: This modern, user-friendly stairlift has a comfortable seat, directional paddle switches, and a digital diagnostic display.

We have these and many other models in stock, both new and reconditioned. If you need help selecting and fitting a curved stairlift to your home, call us today!

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