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What are standing stair lifts

What are standing stair lifts

Standing stair lifts, or perch stairlifts, are an excellent solution for those with difficulty sitting down or standing up from a seated position. They differ from conventional seated stairlifts because they allow the user to stand while transported up and down the stairs.

Standing stair lifts operate on a similar principle to the seated ones, with the primary difference being the design of the carriage. In this case, the seat is replaced with a sturdy platform for the user to stand on. Some models also include a small, padded, 'perch' seat, which assists users in maintaining stability while the lift is in motion.

Standing stairlifts are perfect for narrow staircases where a seated stairlift would be too wide. It's a practical solution for people who can weight-bear but struggle with joint flexibility or have difficulty transitioning from sitting to standing positions.

What are Standing stair lifts

Here's what is unique about the standing stair lifts:


The user steps onto the lift's platform, facing forward, and holds onto the lift's handles or rails for support.


Once comfortably positioned, the user starts the lift, usually via a simple button press, and the machine smoothly travels up or down the stairs on a track.


Upon reaching the top or bottom of the staircase, the user can safely step off the lift and continue on their way.

A standing stair lift consists of a rail system fitted to the stairs, a motive power unit, and a lift carriage holding the standing platform and safety apparatus. The user steps onto the platform and remains stood up whilst travelling up or down the stairs. Safety features such as high-backed seats or handrails can provide additional support.

Each standing stairlift in the UK has the following main parts:

Rail system

Fitted directly to the steps of your staircase (rather than the wall), the rail system guides the lift carriage smoothly and securely along the stairs.

Motive power unit

This is typically an electric motor with a rechargeable battery that powers the lift up and down the rail system. A simple switch or a handheld remote usually controls it.

Lift carriage

The motive power unit pulls the lift carriage, which houses the standing platform. Here, users stand while the lift moves up or down the staircase.

Safety apparatus

Standing stair lifts often feature safety measures such as handrails, seat belts, and high-backed seats to ensure secure and comfortable travel.

Standing Vs sitting stairlifts

Standing stair lifts Vs Sitting Stairlifts

There are plenty of seated stairlift models and fewer standing ones; how do you make your pick? Let's look closer at the comparison between standing and sitting stairlifts.

Standing Stair lifts pros and cons


You stand throughout the journey, which is optimal for those who struggle with joint flexibility.

A discreet option for narrow staircases as the whole device generally takes less space.

A suitable alternative for those who have difficulty transitioning from sitting to standing.


It may need to provide more support for those who have balance issues or find standing for an extended period challenging.

The ride might be slightly more jittery compared to a seated stairlift due to your center of gravity being higher.

Sitting stairlifts: pros and cons

Sitting stairlifts pros and cons


  • Comfortable and secure seating throughout the journey.
  • Excellent choice for those with severe mobility issues as the lift provides the ultimate stability.
  • Usually comes with a seatbelt for added assurance.


  • It's generally wider and might not best fit for narrow staircases.
  • Getting up from a seated position could be difficult for some individuals.
  • As you can see, standing and sitting stairlifts have pros and cons. Your needs, physical condition, and staircase structure will be crucial in making the right choice.
  • Call us if you're unsure what type of stairlift will suit your home.

Top standing stairlift models in the UK

Top standing stair lifts models in the UK

Standing stairlifts have seen a rise in popularity due to their versatility and ease of use for persons with limited mobility. In the UK market, various models stand out due to their enhanced features and elevated standards of comfort and safety. Handicare 1000 and Brooks Slimline hold the top position on that list. Let's delve deeper into these top-tier choices.

Handicare 1000

The Handicare 1000 stairlift is a highly reliable and reputable model designed to cater to those who find it challenging to bend their knees. It stands out due to its ability to neatly fold away when not in use, thus minimising stairs obstruction.

Key Features:

  • Personalised programming ensuring smooth starts and stops.
  • Equipped with safety sensors that halt operation if any obstruction is detected.
  • Includes a retractable seatbelt for enhanced security.
  • A variety of upholstery colours is available for optimal customisation.

Handicare 1000 offers an optimal balance of comfort, safety, and space efficiency, making it a superior choice for homeowners.

Brooks Slimline

Next, we have the Brooks Slimline model, a well-renowned stairlift for its ease of use, ergonomic design, and slim profile, ideal for homes with narrow staircases.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use operating controls.
  • Feature of lockable on/off switch to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Low voltage operation with battery backup ensures the stairlift works even during a power outage.

With its compact design and superior functionality, the Brooks Slimline stairlift can be an excellent choice for homes with slender stairways.

If you're picking between these two models, consult with mobility specialists who can offer expert advice based on your home’s structure, physical needs, and budget. We've been providing standing stair lifts for UK homes for years, and here's how we navigate the factors that influence the model selection:

Your home structure

Your current staircase layout significantly impacts the type of stairlift you can install. Not all stairlifts are designed to accommodate curved or complicated staircases. Therefore, taking accurate measurements and considering staircase dimensions and possible obstructions is indispensable.

Your physical needs

Mobility needs differ significantly from one person to another. So, your choice should be good for your specific mobility challenges. Consider the user's physical ability level and the needed stairlift weight capacity.

Physical ability: Whether you can stand or walk and for how long will determine if you need a seated, standing or perch stairlift.

Weight capacity: You should consider a stairlift with an adequate weight capacity to accommodate you comfortably and safely.

Your budget

While value for money should always be a consideration, it should not compromise on quality or safety. New models tend to be costlier, but reconditioned models can offer excellent value. Not all cheap stairlifts are worth the savings.

Remember, the cost of a standing stairlift is not just about the initial purchase and installation. Consider ongoing costs such as servicing and potential repair costs.

At Stairlift Near Me, our qualified professionals can help guide you through these considerations to ensure you choose the most fitting stairlift model, new or reconditioned, that best reflects your needs and preferences. Do not hesitate to give us a call.

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