Handicare Stairlifts: Discover the Brand, Features, & Expected Pricing

If you need a reliable, safe, and intuitive mobility solution, Handicare stairlifts should be on your radar. A world-renowned brand hailing from the Netherlands, Handicare has dedicated over 130 years towards improving the lives of the less mobile, offering an impressive range of stairlift solutions.

Handicare Stairlifts UK

Handicare stairlifts are as legit as they get, and you can expect the following from all Handicare models:

  • Reliability: Handicare stairlifts are manufactured according to evolving industry standards and tested rigorously to ensure their reliability. We’ve worked with Handicare products for yours and can attest to the high quality of their build.
  • Design: Focused on functionality, Handicare also stresses aesthetics. Handicare offers curved and straight stairlifts designed to fit in most houses seamlessly.
  • Innovation: Handicare is committed to improving and innovating as a brand. They constantly try to bring customers the latest technologies, like powered swivel seats or the Smart Seat.
  • Customer Support: Handicare provides comprehensive customer support, offering round-the-clock assistance to ensure that help is always available should you encounter any issues.

The Features of Handicare Stairlifts

Features of Handicare Stairlifts

Handicare stairlifts have numerous advanced features to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience. Here's a glance at some of them:

  • Safety Sensors: These sensors detect obstacles on the stairway, automatically stopping the device to prevent accidents.
  • Comfortable Seating: Ergonomically designed seats ensure a snug and secure ride.
  • Swivel Seat: This feature allows users to get on and off the stairlift effortlessly and safely.
  • Smooth Operation: The Handicare stairlifts ensure a soft start and stop for your safety and convenience.

Handicare stairlift pricing expectations

Handicare stairlift pricing expectations

Pricing for Handicare stairlifts varies, but you can anticipate paying anywhere between £1,000 to £3,000 for the basic models.

The price of stairlifts is often dictated by factors such as the design of the staircase (straight or curved), the stairlift model’s features and the level of customisation required.

Top Handicare stairlift models to consider

The following are the top models of Handicare Stairlifts that have won high praise from users and experts alike for their impeccable features, outstanding performance, and trusted reliability:

  1. Handicare 1000 Series
  2. Handicare 1100 Series
  3. Handicare 4000 Series
  4. Handicare Freecurve
  5. Handicare Perch Stairlift

While these are just a few popular models, Handicare offers an extensive range catering to various needs and expectations. If you’re unsure which Handicare stairlift to pick for your home, call us for a free consultation.

The right choice of a stairlift depends upon the specific requirements, physical condition, and the nature of the stairs (straight or curved) in your home.

Where to buy Handicare stairlifts?

Where to buy Handicare stairlifts

Handicare stairlifts are renowned for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, making them a preferred choice for those seeking mobility solutions. If you're considering investing in a Handicare stairlift, you'll find diverse options to meet your needs.

Our inventory includes new and reconditioned Handicare stairlift models, ensuring you can choose a solution that aligns with your requirements and budget. Here's an overview of what you can expect from our product line:

New Handicare Stairlifts: New models feature the latest advancements in stairlift technology, prioritising your comfort and ease of use. They often come with comprehensive warranty coverage, providing peace of mind.

Reconditioned Handicare Stairlifts: Reconditioned stairlifts are an excellent choice if you're looking for a more economical option without compromising reliability. These gently used models have been meticulously renewed and are typically backed by warranty.

When considering a stairlift purchase, it's essential to recognise that prices can vary due to various factors, including stairlift features, installation requirements, and the specific layout of your staircase. Therefore, we recommend that you request a personalised quote to get a precise understanding of the costs involved.

Moreover, it's important to note that our product line continually evolves, ensuring you have access to the latest innovations in mobility solutions. For the most accurate pricing and product information, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Now, let's delve into the journey of a Stairlift, Bathing Solutions, or Homelift (through-floor-lift) enquiry:

Stairlift Approximate Starting Prices

Stairlift Approximate Starting Prices

  • Straight Stairlift: Starting at £2,900 and up
  • Curved Stairlift: Starting at £4,800 and up

Homelift Starting Prices

  • Home lifts typically range from £14,000 to £18,000 or more, depending on specific requirements and customisation.

Bathing Solutions Starting Prices

Bathing Solutions Starting Prices

  • Bathing solutions usually start at around £4,000, but this can vary based on factors such as the extent of conversion needed.

Please remember that these starting prices give a general idea, but the actual cost can vary because of individual circumstances. Factors like the layout of your home and specific requirements can impact the final price.

For those considering Easy Bathing Solutions, these are an ideal choice when converting an existing bathroom or cloakroom with piping or adjacent walls. However, if you're looking to convert a more extensive space, such as a garage, alternative solutions might be more suitable and cost-effective, potentially involving collaboration with a builder.

Additionally, we don't supply bathroom accessories like toilet seats or grab rails as standalone products. Still, we can include them as part of a package when you opt for a walk-in bath or shower, providing a comprehensive solution for your needs.

Please reach out to me for personalised guidance and explore the perfect mobility solution tailored to your needs. Your comfort and mobility are our top priorities.

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