Stairlift Supplier Near You in 2023: Tips for Picking the Best

Are you in the market for a stairlift? There are many suppliers in the UK market, and it’s easy to get lost in stairlift models and specifications.

Finding the right stairlift supplier near you is a crucial step - you want to pick a quality model without paying too much, and you want practical expertise and support to go with that.

Stairlift Supplier Near You

We’ve been selling stairlifts for years, and we’ve seen UK consumers struggle with the selection before they turn to us. This post will have practical tips on finding the right stairlift supplier near you.

Generally, stairlift suppliers in the UK fall into three major categories:


These are companies that build the stairlifts. They offer their proprietary designs and may provide a more comprehensive service package, including installation and maintenance.


Manufacturers offer a highly reliable product directly from the source. The main downside of getting a stairlift now from manufacturers is that you will be limited to their respective product lines and need to do a lot of research separately.

Retail suppliers

Retail suppliers are one of the most common sources for stairlifts. Sourcing directly from various manufacturers, they offer a wide variety of choices. Retail suppliers provide a diverse array of options. However, their primary incentive is to sell stairlifts as fast as possible, so don’t expect to get in-depth consultations from stairlift retailers.

Specialised mobility solution providers

These suppliers narrow down their focus exclusively on providing mobility solutions that include stairlifts. They aim to understand your unique situation and match you with the best product. Specialised mobility solution providers focus on your individual needs, crafting a solution that fits you best based on comprehensive assessments.

Please take the first step with us - My Mobility UK is an established mobility solution hub operating nationwide for years. We provide various stairlift options to meet diverse needs and preferences. Moreover, we prioritise our customers’ requirements above all else so that we can match you with an ideal stairlift solution for your home.

Give us a call today to see what we’ve got in stock!

The reasoning to use while looking for a stairlift supplier near you

When looking for a reliable stairlift supplier near you, it’s not so much about the supplier as it is about your unique needs. Always follow the correct reasoning, and don’t get distracted by marketing gimmicks.

Here’s what you should prioritise while selecting the right stairlift supplier near you:

The number of models in stock

You need to be able to select between stairlifts of all shapes, weight capacities, and safety features.

Quality and Reputation

Quality and Reputation

The quality of the products and the reputation of the supplier come first. Research them to understand their standing in the market.

Services and Support

Look for a supplier that offers excellent post-purchase service and customer support. Remember, going local supports the economy and provides quicker and easier access to services when required.


An extended warranty period indicates the supplier's confidence in their product and gives you peace of mind. All manufacturers and suppliers we refer to offer at least a 12-month warranty on stairlift products.

What do We Offer?

Our stairlift-related informational products and services encompass the following:

What do We Offer

  • New stairlifts: Both straight and curved stairlifts include a fully comprehensive 12-month warranty. This option is perfect for those who love the peace of mind that comes with buying new, reliable equipment. The wealth of options available means you’ll be able to find something to suit your home's interior.
  • Reconditioned Stairlifts: These second-hand stairlifts have undergone comprehensive testing to ensure safety and reliability. They come with a 1-year warranty and are an excellent, more affordable option.
  • Stairlift Rentals: Ideal for temporary needs, like recovery from surgery. A rental stairlift service can be removed when you no longer require them.

Would you be ready to start picking the best stairlift for your home? Get in touch with us today!

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